More about Six10

As most people browse through magazines, and internet websites these days, they often come across a photo, or poster, or an ad that pops out and they think..WOW, thats sweet!  I am one of those people.  I grew up in a broken home, and never had the luxury of owning a true dirt bike when I was young.  So, I never found that to be too much oi a priority of mine until just about 16 years ago when I found an ad for one that seemd to be right up my alley. I purchsed it, and the rest is well, like they say...history!

I'm a college educated man (in my 40's now, snicker, snicker) but the passion of MX is still very much alive in my soul.  I enjoy weekend trips to the tracks when time permits, and an occassional trail ride in Michigans northern wooded country.  However, when I cant do either, you will find me at the local tracks such as Baja Acres standing near a nice berm, or a famous jump capturing the younger guys and gals showing off their talent. Shooting photography has been an interest of mine my whole life, and I have been shooting weddings and senior pics for about 8 years now. But there's no other satisfaction than being at the track though.  It is a family oriented sport where everyone is helpful and courtious to each other until the gate drops of course :)  I will continue to pursue this sport and my love for photography probably the rest of my life, and I look forward to meeting new people and bring the best possible photos I can for the riders and families.

Please take a moment to browse through my galleries.  If you see anything wrong, or would like to have something changed, let me know. Also...dont hesitate to contact me at the information provided for any questions, concerns, and even gripes. Customer satisfaction is a priority of mine..I'm not happy unless youre happy.


And again, I thank you so much for your cooperation, and patience in making this an enjoyable experince for you in the future.